Thursday, 15 April 2021

Building a Fence For Your Property

A fence can add a lot to your property. There are many reasons for wanted to build a fence. You may wish to keep people out, provide a visual boundary of your property or keep something, like pets or children, in. Fences are a wonderful addition to your home and they are a project that can be fun and simple to do if you plan out your project to begin with.

Options in Fencing

Before you choose the type of fencing you will use you have to decide why you want a fence. Here are some ideas based on the main reasons for building a fence:

Keep people or animals out or in - In this instance you will want a solid fence. It should be tall so a person or animal can not climb over it. Additionally, it should be sturdy enough so that it can not be knocked over.

Create a boundary - In this case you are not looking for something that has to be sturdy. It should be well made, but it can have gaps and be more decorative. The strength and height are not as important as when keeping people or animals in or out.

Types of Fencing

Here are some of the common styles of fencing:

Picket fence: This type of fencing has spaces between the slates. It is usually waist height. There are many different styles of a picket fence so you can choose one that suits the style of your home.

Crossed Rail: This is like the picket fence, where it is not a solid fence, but has spaces between the boards. It is characterized by the criss crossed board style.

Privacy fence: This is a solid fence that, as the name suggests, allows for a wall-type protection and privacy. Some are solid panels and others have individual boards.

Basket weave fence: This is a solid and sturdy fence where the boards run horizontal instead of vertical. It is usually good for use on hilly terrain.

Determining What you Need

To figure out what type of fence you need you have to look at your needs, as mentioned above. Make sure that you choose a fence style that matches your needs. If you do not then you will likely end up disappointed with your project.

Building your Fence

Many home improvement stores offer fence building kits that allow you to build your own fence. For sturdier fences, though, you will likely need some help because they usually involve digging foundation holes which can be difficult if you do not have the right equipment. Depending upon the style of fence you choose, you may or may not need professional help. Make sure you figure out if you will need help or not before beginning the project.